2019 Global Music Awards "Gold Medal Winner"   "Best Lyrics" & "Best Songwriter"

About 'I Walk OUT of the FOG'

I Walk OUT of the FOG is a concept album.  The acronym FOG stands for Fear, Obligation, and Guilt. The term FOG was first coined by Susan Forward and Donna Frazier in the book Emotional Blackmail and describes feelings that a person often has when in a relationship with someone who has a personality disorder.  Through eight songs, Sylvie explores emotional abuse and recovery.  Sylvie is currently in the studio getting the tracks ready for production and releasing singles in advance of the album.   There will be eight songs on the album: ​(1) Beautiful Disaster, (2) Indecision, (3) Yellow Flashing Lights, (4) Pretty Words, (5) Honey You Lie, (6) Roots Run Deep, (7) Broken Year,  and (8) You Can't Take My Voice Away.  

Song Notes:

Songs 1 ,2 , & 3 written by Sylvie Abate
Song 4 written by Sylvie Abate & Amanda Sullivan; Lyrics by Sylvie Abate

Amanda Sullivan:  Lead Vocals, Guitar, Merlin, Piano
Sylvie Abate: Guitars, Bass

Phred Mileski:  Vocals,  Piano  Accordion, Percussion 
Cleo Flemming: Cello

Recorded at Rotary Records
Mixed and Mastered by BWH Music Group

Sylvie's Songs

Original Songs Written by Sylvie Abate
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