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April, May, June, July...Hope.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

This is my first post in four months. For the most part, I have been living in the realty of the pandemic - social isolation.

My days have a certain flow, a routine, that I have grown fond of. I wake early, and have coffee outside on the back porch. I read the Bible. Then, I use my Passion Planner to sketch my day. I started using a Passion Planner years ago, and I have never found a planner as good as this one. Something amazing happens when you decide how you are going to spend your day in advance. Intentional living gives my days substance..

My partner has turned our back porch into a little slice of heaven with potted plants in painted pots, and New Mexico always gives us a beautiful sunrise. After coffee, reading and journaling,

I have kept busy working on my new blog,hersongmusicblog.com , and building an online guitar teaching site called Guitar on Demand (guitarondemand.net) which will be officially launched in September.

Staying focused, making each day count, doing the things I value, planning for the future - these small acts of mindfulness give me hope.

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