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A few days before my partner and I left for Albuquerque, New Mexico, I got "cold feet." I emailed my brother prior to take-off to express my doubts and he assured me that I could always move back, but he had a hunch I would want to stay. He was right.

I moved to New Mexico for many reasons. For starters, I was tired of the weather. From November through May, there wasn't much to cheer about in terms of New England weather. The four seasons were disappearing. Fall was too short. Winter was too long. Most weekends were cold, rainy, and grey. When the weather was nice, the hiking trails were muddy and the beaches were over-crowded. New Mexico has all four seasons and the weather is brilliant amost every single day. There are mountains from every viewpoint, skies - so so blue - as far as they eye can see, large lakes, rivers, canyons, hot springs, forests. It truly is the Land of Enchantment! I feel alive and excited everytime I go outside and look at the mountains that surround me.

It was more than the weather, of course. I was tired of working a demanding corporate job that drained too much of my energy and depleted my creative spirit. I was burned out and I could care less about the six figure salary I was earning. I've been in Albuquerque a month and I am launching a career in music promotions through the lens of women in music, telling their stories through song. Stay tuned!

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