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"End of the Line" by Sylvie Abate Featuring ??

I am set to release my new single "End of the Line" in September. The vocal track will be ready the last week of August! A New Singer Mandy, my music collaborator and partner-in-songwriting- crime and great friend who I love with all my heart will be pursuing her own music...so I will be introducing a new singer on this song! Sylvie & Mandy Mandy & I have been making music together for a long time. We were both in the folk group, The BeeKeepers, and we were both in Celticity. And even before those two wonderful groups, we were involved in music together. And above and beyond making music, we are friends first. The Right Time to Pursue Our Own Journeys In many ways, it feels like the right time for Mandy and I to pursue our own songwriting journeys. We no longer live in the same state and we are both swamped with our careers. And we got to finish "Broken Year" which remains my favorite song to this day. I'm so grateful that Mandy sang the lead vocal on "Broken Year." And I'll miss her ability to write a great song bridge!

So who will sing "End of the Year"? For "End of the Line", I just received confirmation that I will be working with a singer who is signed to Big Machine Records. She's a great country singer and already has a hit single on her hands. I'm super excited to work with her and can't wait to hear the lead vocal track. I'll keep you posted on who the new singer is for "End of the Line" as my release date gets closer! I don't want to jinx it!


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