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Hike 1 - Petroglyph National Monument

Updated: Jan 26

Last weekend, I did did my first hike of the year, a 2.5 mile easy hike at Piedras Marcadas Canyon, one of the Petroglyph monument trails.

One very cool thing about Albuquerque is that you can be in the city lights one minute, then turn a corner and feel like you are in a remote part of the dessert. The amazing Petroglyph National Monument is literally in our backyard.

The trail is soft and sandy - it feels like you are walking on a beach.

Seeing the creative and spiritual gifts of the ancient Pueblo people gave me a sense of deep respect for their creators. Their carvings have a huge variety of designs, some very complex, including animals, people, geometric patterns and abstract shapes. Only the creators know the true meaning of their art...just like a song!

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