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Hike 2 - The Aztec National Monument

Updated: Jan 27

Last weekend, I took a day-trip to the Aztec National Monument. The drive was about 5 hours round-trip and the view from my car window was worth every minute of it.

At first the mountains were brown, then rust, then snow-capped with pine-trees. The roads were empty - I saw foxes, horses, llamas and cows...I even saw my first road-runner -what a funky looking bird!

The Aztec Monument is approximately 900-years old. It was home to an ancestral Pueblo Great House of over 400 masonry rooms, You can walk through the original structures and doorways. The original timbers still hold up the roofs. You can even see fingerprints of ancient workers in the mortar.

There is a reconstructed Great Kiva on site - this is where spiritual gatherings took place and ceremonial drums were played.

I didn't have enough time to hike through all the Ruins. It was much bigger than I thought so I'm already planning a trip back.

Our day ended with dinner at a quaint restaurant in town.

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