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I Love You. Thoughts on Valentine's Day.

Updated: Oct 1

She wakes up earlier than I do, around 5:00 a.m. The night before she makes coffee for herself and puts it in the refrigerator. She likes flavored coffee, and I like regular. She makes me a fresh, hot cup of coffee every morning. I appreciate this as I’m not a morning person.

She leaves for work, wishes me a good day, and says “I love you.” Later, I get a text – “How’s your day going Babe?” I take a break around 3:00 p.m. and give her a call. When we are not together, I miss her. We talk about our plans for the evening and the weekend.

She often stops at the store on her way home. She has found the perfect tea and honey for my cold. “Is there anything else you need?” She is truly thoughtful.

As I walk in the door, I can’t help but marvel in the way our home looks. She is a homemaker in every sense of the word. She loves to decorate. Our home is warm and inviting. More than the decorations, she welcomes my family and friends into our home with open arms.

Later, we cook dinner. Sometimes we eat dinner in front of our favorite Netflix show or we read to each other at the dinner table: poetry or philosophy. She is intelligent. She earned her Masters in Special Education and applies her intelligence in ways that help people every day. After dinner, she corrects papers for school. She loves being a teacher. She often shares stories about special students. She can be very animated and loves to laugh. Once you’ve heard her laugh...you know how much soul she has inside! Some evenings, she works on her latest art project which is usually a gift she plans on giving to someone. Painting gives her peace. She enjoys it. I look at her from the corner of my eye and I think...wow, she is so pretty.

While she does her schoolwork, I practice guitar. I usually practice for about an hour then I come upstairs and tell her about the songs I'm working on. This makes her very happy. She loves to hear about my latest songs. I can honestly say, she’s my biggest fan. She plans on buying an auto-harp so we can play songs by the campfire this summer and she is learning to play the guitar. This is one of our dreams - to explore the campgrounds of New Mexico, to have our own songbook, and sing and play music by the campfire. I love this dream!

At least once a week, we read out loud to each other before bed. We enjoy relationship improvement books that we can discuss together. I remember talking about 'what unites us.' At the top of our list was "love for family." Our communication skills have grown strong because we have worked hard on understanding each other. We talk openly about our feelings. She is my best friend.

Love is the consistency of a hot cup of coffee in the morning, the daily “I love you’s”, and the quick phone call to ask what you want for dinner. It is also the excitement of upcoming adventures and sharing our passions and dreams. It is growing and learning about each other - open communication is the glue that holds us together. Love is putting in the effort to be better as a couple. It’s about shared values, like our love for family. It is about having independent passions, rejoicing in each other’s accomplishments, and supporting each other’s challenges.

Love is knowing that my day begins and end with my best friend by my side. Happy Valentine's Day.

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