• Sylvie

I Was Always My Spirit

I am currently releasing singles in advance of the album, I Walk Out of the Fog. As I release each song, I send the experiences of emotional abuse to their final resting place. My wounds are closed, but I've decided to release the songs anyway. Perhaps they will help someone else who has experienced emotional abuse and ghosting. "Indecision", "Pretty Words", "Yellow Flashing Lights", and "Honey You Lie" were cathartic after I left an abusive narcissist in 2016, while "Roots Run Deep", "Broken Year" and "Same Old Story" helped me make sense of an avoidant love. The last song, "Upwards and Onwards" is my victory song.

As I turned my attention inward, I realized that the fracture or wound I thought I had experienced wasn’t my wound at all. It wasn't my story. The emotional pain I experienced was simply a wound being passed along to me by a fractured person who had a sad and untreatable disorder. And, instead of keeping this wound as my own (or passing it along to others), I dissolved it from my identity and started anew.

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