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My New Year's Resolution - Clean Living

Updated: Jan 1

I'm sort of a New Year's nerd. I love making New Year's resolutions. I think it's a great tradition. My 2020 self-pledge involve three elements of a traditional resolution: changing an undesired behavior, accomplishing a goal, and improving my life.

My resolution is to adopt a clean-living lifestyle.

Let me start by explaining the events that led up to my passionate interest in clean-living. From 2017-2019, I had several major surgeries. This year, I had major surgery on October 20th and another surgery on December 11th. Surgery can be traumatic. I'm hoping this was my last for a very long time. In October, I was in the hospital for ten days, followed by three weeks of in-home care, followed by 2 months of disability. I will never take good health for granted. And now...I want my body back.

Clean-living has taken on many definitions over the years. For me, it is about both body and soul. It is about energy. It's about how you nurture and care for your self.

Clean Food

I truly believe that living your best life starts with what you eat. Everyday, we choose what we put into our bodies. Preparing a meal can be spiritual. The food choices we make are the energy we take in. I believe that if you eat mindfully, everything else falls into place.

At this time, I am about 99% Vegan. I find that when I give in and eat a processed potato chip or a cookie filled with sugar or dairy products, my body doesn't feel good and I regret it. I am Vegan for two reasons: I love animals and I love our planet. Being Vegan is a spiritual choice for me. It is the choice to not participate in putting negative energy - the severe suffering of animals and our planet - into my body. One of the best blogs for Vegan recipes is, "Oh She Glows." I'll be sharing some cool recipes in future blogs.

Making mindful choices about food involves a plant-based diet free from processed foods. It also involves eliminating refined grains and sugars and bad fats. Food can either be our medicine or it can be toxic; it is one of the simplest choices we can make on a day-to-day basis. Along with a clean diet, keeping hydrated with plenty of water is important.


Exercise stimulates your circulatory and lymphatic system and clears out the heaviness and stress in the body. I plan on swimming as I have access to a year-round pool. Plus, my partner and I belong to a gym and...we have hot-tub under the stars to reward ourselves!

Clean Green. Clutter Free. This year, I want to keep our home chemical free. I intend to cut out any harmful and harsh chemical products. I also want to donate anything I no longer need to those in need. I love simplicity! Clutter is a combination of wastefulness and greed. Accumulating more than you need means too much time is being spent on material objects.


Time in nature has a healing and purifying effect on the mind, body and soul. Living in New Mexico, I am surrounded by breath-taking beauty: the rocky mountains, the great plains, the Rio Grand and Pecos Rivers, Conchas Lake and the Navajo Reservoir, the white sands, the biggest caverns in the world, natural springs, the Bandelier National Monument, the Bosque Del Apache, and more.

Being in nature allows me to experience life in it's purest form. Being removed from anything man-made is spiritual. Nature reminds me that we are not infinite. Every life has a cycle of birth, transformation and death. Life is both magnificent and fleeting.


Adding mindful practice into my daily routine, taking time to be present, reflect, and connect is key to a clean soul. I plan to add conscious breathing, meditation, journal-ling (like this blog), and walking.

I am starting Buddhist classes on Tuesday nights. I am drawn to Buddhism for it's "four noble truths": They are the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering.

Digital Detox

Social media is not about true connection. I've thought about deactivating my social accounts, but I manage music marketing on social media and it is useful in getting the word out about new releases and gigs. It is what it is - and less is definitely more.


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