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Updated: Jan 20

As an introvert, I like spending time alone. When I come out of my shell, I enjoy a good dose of stimulating conversation. I have often found that musicians are some of the deepest thinkers. Maybe it stems from having to focus on something you love for a long period of time. It's a nice concept - that if you focus to something creative, you are automatically in a deep state of thought and practiced overtime, perhaps the brain learns to think differently.

Great conversation is like music. There is a back and forth contribution where both parties feel like they are learning or growing and taking in each other's ideas in a mindful way. Mostly, a stimulating conversation is elegant.

In my twenties, deep conversation was the center of my life. Those years were all about trying to get in touch with our selves, while building a foundation of philosophic and spiritual ideas from which to grow. It was an amazing experience to be a part of a small group of deep thinkers all of whom were musicians. It was part of growing up, discussing our philosophies on life.

Now-a-days, if I run into someone who enjoys entertaining new perspectives and paradigms or someone who an change and grow when new ideas are offered, that's a rare encounter and I'm receptive and grateful. I've been very fortunate to meet quite a few musicians online, via social media, who have reached out to discuss music and life with me. There is a connection - a shared language and experience - between musicians/creators that I cherish.

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