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The Art of Social Isolation

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

As a mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend and musician, I worry about the Corona virus daily. My daughter has significant asthma and so do I. This puts us in a higher risk category. My parents are also high risk. My mother just finished chemotherapy and my father is diabetic. My sister is on the front lines, as a Nurse, at our local hospital.

Outside my close family, I am friends with dozens of musicians. Within a month, almost every live entertainment opportunity has been closed. My friends who rely on gigs, concerts, recording, and touring for a living are suddenly faced with financial difficulty and uncertainty. Most musicians are self-employed, meaning they aren't eligible for unemployment benefits (yet), and their only source of income is gone. For musicians who teach lessons, there are the challenges of maintaining a studio online and retaining students.

My partner and I work from home. We are privileged. As a songwriter and musician, I do not rely on gigging or teaching. I am an online music blogger who writes for 5 different music blogs. I love my work and was working from home before the pandemic hit.

Here's my new normal:


I have everything I need. People can't pay their bills, buy food for their families, or get the support they need. Every morning, my partner and I start our day with deep gratitude. We sit on our back porch with a hot cup of coffee, stare out at the mountains around us, bask in the cool breeze and warm sunlight, and we are grateful. We are not alone. We have each other, and we have more than enough.


I'm not alone in this new pandemic world. I like being alone, but isolation is a different kind of alone.

Community Attending our Church online. We attend the Metropolitan Community Church which was formed during the Stonewall Riots. It's a very spiritual and special place.

Making care bags for the homeless. We have gift-bags in our car to give to anyone who needs a helping hand. Kindness matters. Driving by someone who is hungry, is not an option.

Pets Spending extra time bonding with our adorable pets. Nommie, Elvie, and Bentley - these little fur babies really make my day.

Songwriting: Songwriting sessions on Zoom with Mandy.

Working on new songs: "Upwards and Onwards", "Same Old Story."

Editing "Broken Year" and getting it ready for the studio in August.

Revising a social justice songs - "Apathy"

Practicing: Practicing guitar on Subtonic.io

Learning one Bob Dylan song a week.


Blogging for 5 different music blogs. Still working 8 hours a day. Designing a new website for Adaptive music lessons (on hold due to Covid-19).

Designing a website for online guitar lessons.(Guitar on Demand...coming your way!!)

Designing new blog called HerSong to launch July 1st. www.hersongmusicblog.com

Writing my own teaching method with interactive sheet music via Subtonic.io


Taking classes online towards my music therapy certification at University of New Mexico.

Working towards ABA Certification to teach music to people who have autism.


Going for long hikes early in the morning.

Picnics in the park and at the lake.

Flying Kites!

Long drives through the mountains.


Lyrics to Bob Dylan Songs - my favorite poetry.


Studying multi-media art. I've always had a thing for multi-media art, and I think I'd be good at it. We shall see.

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