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The Art of Social Isolation

Updated: 6 days ago

As a mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend and musician - I worry about the Corona virus daily. Sometimes the anxiety feels overwhelming. I'm not sleeping as well. I've developed intense night sweats over the past 4 days. I wake up in the middle of the night shivering. My daughter has significant asthma and so do I. This puts both of us in a higher risk category. I worry about her so much. My parents are seniors who are also at high risk. My mother is a cancer survivor and my father is diabetic. My sister is on the front lines at our local hospital and as of a few days ago, she did not have a protective mask (out of stock). My best friend's daughter ( who lives in Ireland as a student) has the Corona virus. Thankfully, she is doing okay.

Outside my close family, I am friends with dozens of artists and musicians. Within a month almost every live entertainment opportunity has been wiped clean. My friends who rely on gigs, concerts, recording, and tours for their livelihood are suddenly faced with deep financial difficulty and uncertainty. Most musicians are self-employed, meaning they aren't eligible for unemployment benefits when their only source of income is gone. For musicians who teach lessons, there are the challenges of maintaining a studio online and retaining students.

As a songwriter and musician, I am very fortunate that I do not rely on gigging or teaching at this time. I am an online music blogger who writes for 5 different music blogs. I LOVE my work. So far, I've been able to adjust my business model and remain very productive. I had plans to start a music teaching job and an adaptive lessons music studio - I am hoping to start those jobs this summer or in the Fall when the isolation breaks. My domestic partner is a school teacher and she is working from home with no drop in income. We are very fortunate.

During these times, I am doing my best to stay healthy, connected, and vibrant.

Here's my new normal:

Family and Friends Going the extra mile to check-in on my family and see how everyone is doing. Reaching out to friends and neighbors more often.


Deeply appreciating my partner and all the joy she brings to my world. Glad I'm not in this alone. Enjoying our time together (movies, board games, reading, painting, housework, cooking....)

Community Attending our Church online

Making care bags for the homeless

Checking in on our neighbors Pets Spending extra time bonding with our adorable fur babies. Nommie, Elvie and Bentley, I love you.

Songwriting: Songwriting Skype sessions with Mandy starting this Sunday. I can't wait!!

Producing "Honey You Lie" with BWH Music Group

Working on new song with Mandy called "Upwards and Onwards."

Editing "Beautiful Disaster"

Editing "Broken Year"

Practicing: Practicing guitar on Subtonic!


Blogging for 5 different music blogs. Love my job and still working 8 hours a day.

Building a new website for my upcoming Adaptive Music Lessons business. Doing research for new business


Taking classes online towards my music therapy certification at University of New Mexico.

Watching music therapy and adaptive music lessons seminars online.

Designing a new website for Adaptive music lessons.


Going for long hikes with my love.


Own Your Day, Own Your Life

To live one day well is the same as to live ten thousand days well. To master twenty-four hours is to master your life.