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Healing From PTSD

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Healing from PTSD has been a journey. The work I did to get to this point was intense and involved EMDR therapy, mindfulness therapy, lots of reading, communicating openly with the person I love (and feeling safe doing so), forgiveness, and finding unconditional love from God. The greatest of these healing paths was/is my relationship with God. Through my spirituality, I became whole again. It is possible.

I was brave - twice. I escaped (literally packed my belongings and never looked back) an abusive, raging Narcissist and I also broke my own heart to walk away from an avoidant love that would always leave me begging for scraps of emotional communication and affection.

Afterwards, having survived a Narcissist, I suffered flashbacks, rumination, and nightmares; in addition, I felt emotionally depleted and exhausted after being with someone who routinely withheld love from me.

I was never broken or fractured, and I realized in the most profound way that the people who hurt me were wounded human beings long before I met them. I was pursued, not because of my weaknesses, but because of my strengths.

I am a loving, thoughtful, empathetic, emotionally giving, smart and talented woman who has a wonderful and beautiful partner, an amazing family, and a really great life. I was targeted because of all the love and warmth I have in my heart - because I was, and still am, everything they were not. And I have the most amazing life to look forward to. I can be everything I am destined to be.

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