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The Making of a Song - 'Broken Year' (Production, Mixing & Mastering)

Bryon William Harris, Chief Engineer, BWH Music Group

The person who brings a song to life and makes the sound clean, vibrant, and professional is the mixing and mastering engineer, This role can not be underestimated and for me, it is the most important step in the recording process. Mixed and mastered by Bryon William Harris of BWH Music Group, not only did Bryon piece all the parts together (6 bass lines, 3 guitar parts, too many mandolin and steel parts to count, vocals and harmonies), he got all the parts to sound wonderful together. Here is just a small part of the communication that went back and forth between me and our engineer, Bryon William Harris of BWH Music Group....until we got the "mix" just right.

"This one has the new vocal harmonies added and I did an actual master for it rather than just having a limiter to bring it up in volume. This one should sound cleaner with a bit wider or spacious of a sound. I also used a slight bit of volume automation to add to the dynamics. I added a slight boost at the choruses to give it a little more punch when they come in etc.. I think it is sounding really good!" - Bryon William Harris, BWH Music Group

Bryon Harris also produced the song with me. This was quite a process! Most of the work involved the selection of parts for the song. When I sent Bryon 6 bass parts for "Broken Year", his ear made the decision of what parts to use from each stem, resulting in a final bass line that worked for the song. This is no easy task! I can't thank our engineer enough for his work and artistry. "Broken Year" would not sound as great as does without his expertise.

Next Step: Release the single!!


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