• Sylvie

The Making of a Song - End of the Line Vocal Tracks

A song starts with bare bones - chords and a melody. As a song producer, I work with studio musicians guiding them to deliver the sound I hear in my mind. I usually receive multiple tracks in a few versions and formats.

Next, I listen to each track to decided what I want to keep for the song. This often involves cutting and pasting parts that will ultimately be pieced together by a mixing engineer.

For example, the version above has an ad lib track where the singer improvises background vocals. I'll be using some of the ad lib parts during the chorus. There are also two vocal lead parts that I have to sort through and two chorus and bridge versions. When you go into a studio live, you simply do retakes until you get the sound you want. When you work with studio musicians, you get all the versions upfront and choose what sounds best for the song.


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