• Sylvie

The Plug-in Drug

"The very nature of the television experience apart from the contents of the programs is rarely considered. Perhaps the ever-changing array of sights and sounds coming out of the machine--the wild variety of images meeting the eye and the barrage of human and inhuman sounds reaching the ear--fosters the illusion of a varied experience for the viewer. It is easy to overlook a deceptively simple fact: one is always watching television when one is watching television rather than having any other experience."

For many years, I didn't own a television set or watch tv. I received the book, "The Plug-In Drug" as a gift when I was pregnant with my first child and I ditched TV all together. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

When I walk into a home where the television is playing in the background constantly, I instantly feel anxious and uncomfortable. The noise pollution alone is enough to make me squirm. The content is usually causally violent or even disturbing. It's depressing at best.

With so many real experiences to explore, unplugging the plug-in drug whether it's TV or your cellphone or Facebook will change your life. I made a vow to monitor my leisurely plug-in time and to be aware of how I'm spending this one precious life I've been given. I came to realize that I actually feel physically ill if there is too much tv in my life. When the work day is done, I am committed to turning off all devices. I don't mind a great movie once in awhile, but the current trend of "Netflix binging" is sad. I think our culture brainwashes us to feel that we need to be doing something all the time - doing nothing at all is actually fine. To simply sit outside and breath is much better than tv!


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