"Sensationally stirring in more ways than one, “Roots Run Deep” is required listening for folk enthusiasts and alternative music aficionados alike..."  - Indie Pulse Magazine


"Gentle guitar introduces the piece. Small flourishes of toy box melodies intermingle within the great tapestry. By far the true soul comes from the poignancy of the lyrics which have their naturalistic imagery. Highly pastoral they let the work have a bright airiness to it with every single little moment becoming fully and completely magnified."  -  Skope Magazine

"A hearing-secret-harmonies effluvium that goes beyond delightful and enters the realm of fabulous." 
The Huffington Post


"Rarely does Americana music receive such an effective treatment in the modern music scene."

- Vents Magazine

"These are eminently relatable tunes with broad-based appeal."  - No Depression Roots Journal

"Nuanced songwriting leave listeners feeling like they’ve experienced something rather remarkable."  - Cashbox Canada

"This is never paint-by-numbers Americana" - Too Much Love Magazine

Timeless songwriting in the making touching on universal themes and treated with a gripping amount of musical imagination. " -  Indie Source Magazine

Sylvie's Songs

Original Songs Written by Sylvie Abate
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