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Who do you want to be?

One of my favorite radio programs is NPR's "Hidden Brain." In this episode, the science of figuring out what you really to do with your life is discussed.

"We all have to make certain choices in life, such as where to live and how to earn a living. Parents and peers influence our major life choices, but they can also steer us in directions that leave us deeply unsatisfied. Psychologist Ken Sheldon studies the science of figuring out what you want. He says there are things we can do to make sure our choices align with our deepest values."

Some key thoughts I picked up during the podcast:

  1. We often choose the wrong goals for ourselves

  2. We blindly follow voices in society that tell us what we should want

  3. We are all immersed in a materialistic culture

  4. Cultural indoctrination is well ingrained by the time we are in our 20's

"Follow the path of artists as they engage in the process of discovery"

4 stages of an artist's creative sequence

  1. Ask a question

  2. Incubation period

  3. Non-conscious mind works on the problem

  4. Moment of inspiration /illumination arises - the "Ah hah! moment!"

Discovering who you is a creative activity

What do I really want? The answer lies in your non-conscious mind! Ask yourself, then let it come to you.

Link to podcast:


Source: NPR, Who Do You Want to Be?


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