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"The buildup of the song gives it a symphonic flourish, a startling, beautiful revelation that adds to the integrity of the message. With each additional reiteration, the theme becomes ever more crystal clear. Towards the work’s finale, everything gets neatly summarized into this majestic ode, a sense of purpose perfectly illustrated. “One Love Changes Everything (Feat. Bryon Harris)” shows off the remarkable delicacy of Sylvie's Songs in creating this warm, inviting universe." - Skope Entertainment

"More often than not, in the 21st century, it has become exceedingly unusual to create a strictly non-alternative pop song with minimal instrumentation – particularly one that primarily consists of acoustic instruments. Imagine, for a moment, that the listener comes across such a song, regardless of the era. The adjectives that would likely come to the listener's mind would be along the lines of 'soulful,' 'charming,' and 'beautiful.' Now, under what circumstances would the adjective 'stirring' occur to the listener? It would occur when the song in question possesses an arrangement that is well-rounded by near-virtuosic and masterful performances of the vocals and instruments, alongside a deeply thought-provoking lyrical theme that challenges one's perspective. These qualities, and more, are observed in Sylvie Abate's newest single, titled 'One Love Changes Everything,'" - Indie Vibe Magazine

“End Of The Line (feat. Jessie West)” shows off the stellar skill of Sylvie’s Song for she creates a whole world, one easy to get lost in. - Mike Friedman, Skope Magazine

“End of The Line” is an absolutely killer americana song with swagger and sass. The songwriting of Sylvie Abate is expert, the vocal delivery of Jessie West is intense, and the instrumental playing is top notch. There are so many things to like about this song that it actually becomes intoxicating." -
Patrick Joseph, Indie Vibe

Austin’s Sylvie Abate is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a clear grounding in Americana music far beyond average. Her new single “End of the Line” serves notice that her brand of soulful country is not just musically astute,  but that she can call on a vocal powerhouse such as Jessie West as well.
- Indie Shark Music Magazine


“Broken Year” is a dance of soaring harmonies and warm instrumentals, telling a familiar tale of loss. After the losses we’ve endured internationally within the past year, this song is bound to resonate with all listeners, and illustrates a necessary kindness we must gift ourselves, yet one that is so often overlooked. Through “Broken Year”, Sylvie & Mandy have created the hug we’ve all needed, the breath of fresh air we need to take knowing that at the end of the day, "we did the best we could." - Abby Kenna, HerSong Music Blog  

"Sensationally stirring in more ways than one, “Roots Run Deep” is required listening for folk enthusiasts and alternative music aficionados alike..."  - Indie Pulse Magazine


"Gentle guitar introduces the piece. Small flourishes of toy box melodies intermingle within the great tapestry. By far the true soul comes from the poignancy of the lyrics which have their naturalistic imagery. Highly pastoral they let the work have a bright airiness to it with every single little moment becoming fully and completely magnified."  -  Skope Magazine

"A hearing-secret-harmonies expereince that goes beyond delightful and enters the realm of fabulous." 
The Huffington Post


"Rarely does Americana music receive such an effective treatment in the modern music scene."

- Vents Magazine

"These are eminently relatable tunes with broad-based appeal."  - No Depression Roots Journal

"Nuanced songwriting leave listeners feeling like they’ve experienced something rather remarkable."  - Cashbox Canada

"This is never paint-by-numbers Americana" - Too Much Love Magazine

Timeless songwriting in the making touching on universal themes and treated with a gripping amount of musical imagination. " -  Indie Source Magazine

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