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Austin or Bust

My family lives in Austin. And they've convinced me to join them! But I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. Texas???

I soon learned that Austin has been named the best city in the United States for music, art, and culture. It is routinely lauded as one of the best places to live in the U.S., thanks to its warm weather, affordable living, and bustling cultural scene.

And did you know that Austin is one of the most gay-friendly places in America, with a very active and visible LGBT community – a progressive, liberal haven in the heart of Texas where cowgirls, hipsters, artists, and musicians all live, work and play in harmony. How cool is that?

Austin is also a city with gorgeous lakes and parks for hiking and kayaking. It is home to tons of trails for running, walking, hiking or biking – without even traveling outside the city limits! Barton Creek Greenbelt, McKinney Falls State Park, Travis Lake - are just a few of my new favorite spots.

Family, music, art, culture, progressive thinkers, gorgeous nature - what more could I ask for?!



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