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The folk group I was in for almost three years, The BeeKeepers, has come to an end. I will miss making music with Phred and Mandy, two of the finest musicians/singers I have worked with. Some of my best memories were on the stage or in the studio with The BeeKeepers.

Endings are often bittersweet; I feel sad about saying goodbye to a band I loved and I'm excited about the music journey ahead. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to play, write, record, perform (and laugh my ass off ) with such fine musicians and friends.

Starting over is nothing new in the music world. Bands tend to fizzle out over time. I've started 3 bands in the past 8 years. I've had to come up with new band names. I've written new music. I've taken down old websites and built new ones. I've learned how to play new instruments. I've taken new photographs. When The BeeKeepers played our last gig, I knew it would be my last live performance for a long time. Aside from burning out on gigging, somewhere buried in my soul, I have always wanted to pursue songwriting. There's a freedom in creating art on your own terms. I know it won't be easy. I will have to record many layers myself, direct the arranging, production and orchestration; I will have to hire studio musicians and vocalists. As challenging as this feels, it is exhilarating to think about the possibilities.

3 days after writing this blog post...

A song idea has been brewing. The lyrics come to me in less than an hour. I pick up my guitar. It's been awhile. I tune the strings. I start playing. The song is just there. It flows out of me without much effort and I love it. And now I have the last song for my first concept album. It is called, “You Can’t Take My Voice Away.”

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