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Flying Solo

The folk group I was in for almost three years, The BeeKeepers, has come to an end.

I will miss making music with Phred and Mandy, two of the finest musicians and singers I have worked with.

Some of my best memories were on the stage or in the studio with The BeeKeepers. Reheasing at Phred's house in New London every week was something I really looked forward to...we even had a songwriting retreat - I'll never forget Phred's amazing front yard garden.

Endings are often bittersweet; I feel sad about saying goodbye to a band I love, but I'm also excited about the music journey ahead. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to play, write, record, perform (and laugh my ass off ) with such fine musicians and friends.

When The BeeKeepers played our last gig, I knew it would be my last live performance for a long time. Aside from burning out on gigging, somewhere buried in my soul, I have always wanted to pursue songwriting.

There's a freedom in creating art on your own terms. I know it won't be easy. I will have to record many layers myself, direct the arranging, production, and orchestration; I will have to hire studio musicians and vocalists. As challenging as this feels, it is exhilarating to think about the possibilities.

3 days after writing this blog post...

A song idea has been brewing. The lyrics come to me in less than an hour. I pick up my guitar. It's been awhile. I tune the strings. I start playing. The song is just there. It flows out of me without much effort and I love it. The song is titled, “You Can’t Take My Voice Away.”



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