• Sylvie

Old Souls...

Updated: Jun 25

I love the silence of a forest, the quiet of early morning, and long walks on a windy beach.

Solitude is like water to me. I need time to be alone, to reflect, introspect, and develop self-awareness...or I shrivel.

I don't conform easily, and I am not concerned about fitting in. I will always question things. I don't follow crowds or creeds.

Wisdom is happiness. Music, art, and nature move me.

I have a few very close friends who I have a deep connection with.

Sometimes I wonder if studying music at a young age gave me an old soul way of beingl, or was I attracted to music because I was always an old soul? I remember being eight years old and thinking deeply about how much I enjoyed being alone, playing music, practicing and learning. I remember feeling the music in the depth of my soul and wondering if other people felt that way too... I also remember that I started guitar lessons on a Saturday morning, and I couldn't understand why the other kids quit just to watch cartoons....I still dislike Tv. :)