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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Are you an old soul like me?

I love the silence of a forest, the quiet of the morning, walks alone.

Solitude is critical for me. I need plenty of time to be alone, to have enough space and time to reflect, introspect, and develop deep self-awareness.

I strive to have empathy and emotional intelligence.

As an old soul, I have thought about my own mortality and spirituality; I have always understood that life is very fragile and I accept that. I don't conform easily and I am not concerned about fitting in. I will always question things. I don't follow the crowd or follow blindly. I grasp spiritual concepts from a broad range of teachings easily and naturally.

I struggle to connect with others because I don't share their same interests. I would rather sit across the table from another old soul in silence, then be at a party where everyone is talking small talk. I prefer intelligent, refined conversation. I am drawn to those who listen more than they speak.

For me, wisdom is happiness.

I love learning and have a strong sense of discipline.

Sometimes I wonder if studying music at a young age turned me into an old soul. I remember being eight years old and thinking deeply about how much I enjoyed being alone, playing music, practicing and learning. I preferred practicing music to cartoons or television.


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