• Sylvie

The Making of a Song - "Broken Year" Official Video

Updated: Jul 9

In making the video to "Broken Year" , I was able to express the visual side of the song. The video takes place in New England with many scenes of a woman hiking through the woods. Nature has always been a place where I can reflect and heal, so I wanted the video to express the healing side of the song . "Broken Year" was written after a short-term relationship didn't work out as I had hoped it would, and I sort just looked back at that time as a "Broken Year" where two people did the best they could. The video, which shows a woman hiking through the forest and looking back on the relationship, brings out the idea that you can look back on something through a negative or positive lens. In the end, I chose to look back at the love we shared instead of the breakup.

Enjoy the video!

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